FAQ GreenPass

Do I need a Green Pass to enter the Center and go shopping?

No, you can continue shopping at your favorite stores and shopping at Ipercoop without having the Green Pass. The latter is only necessary for catering activities that require table drinks in a closed place.

If I have the Green Pass, do I still have to use the mask inside the shopping center?

Absolutely yes. Even people with a Green Pass must continue to follow all the hygiene and safety measures useful to combat Covid-19.

Do I need the Green Pass to eat seated inside the shopping center?

Yes, except for children under 12 (completed) and for those exempt on the basis of suitable medical certification issued according to the criteria defined in the circular of the Ministry of Health.

If I don't have the green pass, where can I eat sitting at the table?

If you do not have a Green Pass, you can freely eat at the outdoor tables located at the WEST Entrance of the Center.

Do I need the Green Pass to go to the cinema?

Yes, access to the Cinemas is allowed only to subjects with one of the Covid-19 green certifications.

Will the data relating to my Green Pass be stored and used for advertising purposes?

Absolutely not, no data relating to your Green Pass will be withheld or stored. The display of the Green Pass, through verification with the VerificationC19 app, will only serve to access the places where it is mandatory to present the Covid-19 green certification.

Do I need a Green Pass to have a coffee inside the shopping center?

It is not needed if we consume coffee at the counter. Instead, we must present the Green Pass for consumption at the table in a closed place, with the exception of children under 12 years (completed) and exempt subjects on the basis of appropriate medical certification.

Is it possible to have food and drinks while walking in the Gallery?

No, it is not allowed to consume food and drinks in the common areas. You can drink and eat only at the counter or table with a Green Pass. In the gallery it is always mandatory to wear a mask.

Do I need a Green Pass to collect take-away food?

No, the Green Pass is only necessary for drinks at the table in a closed place.

Where can I find my Green Pass?

The Green Pass is issued by the Ministry of Health. Visit this link to obtain certification

Do children need the Green Pass?

No, for all children under 12 (completed) it is not necessary to be in possession of the Green Pass.

Is the Green Pass also necessary for the open-air cinema?

Yes it is necessary

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