Stroili Oro

Stroili Oro

It's the brand leader of Made in Italy.
It's born in 1996 from an innovative idea: make accessible the world of jewelry to everyone desires to wear something unique, keeping intact its luxury, precious and beauty characteristics, investing on research and design without leaving out the artisanal DNA.

During the years, the quality price guarantee united to design became the sign of Stroili, recognizable in an unusual and original concept.

In the universe of Stroili live harmoniously different collections that allow a wide selection between unique and fashion products for the ones that want to wear exclusive jewelers.

The strengths of Stroili are the attention to details is present in every collection, the ability to create jewels that draw on the renowned goldsmith’s wisdom of the Italian tradition united to high quality offered to an accessible price.

Promozione Stroili

Promozione Stroili

from 17 May

to 05 June

Quando non sai che colore scegliere, allora prendili tutti!
Vieni a scoprire la selezione di gioielli più colorata dell’anno.
Ti aspettiamo in tutte le gioiellerie Stroili!

Promozione Stroili
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