Caffè Musetti

Caffè Musetti

The story of Musetti starts in Piacenza, more than eighty years ago. Today the brand there is in 60 countries in five continents.

How did we get to this achievement? The main ingredients of each of our mixture is made with passion and sacrifice working everyday. Our love for coffee remained unchanged in these years which has been dedicated to one goal: put in a cup an excellent product which is able to transmit our dedication to anyone who will taste it. Because of that during the time unique mixtures have been created and those can satisfy tastes and more varied needs. The continue research of excellence is the cornerstone based on what we do, as the multiples and strict checks show on the entire productive process, from the selection of the green coffee to the packaging and the distribution. The value of our work is told also in the several certifications gotten in the last few years: an objective testimony of the quality of our coffee.

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